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We take the worry
out of wellness

Accessing quality support for your employees and other stakeholders is now easy.


We are experts at identifying and mitigating health risks in the workplace. We are backed by a trusted, global healthcare group with an extensive network of well-being practitioners, making it possible for us to provide a tailored healthcare approach that adapts to your organisation’s needs. Whether you are a small business owner, multinational company, or an educational institution, we ensure that your employees and stakeholders are cared for so that you can focus on running your business.

We take your stakeholders’ well-being seriously, and so should you

Other programmes focus only on treating people in crisis, or those struggling with a diagnosed disorder, we take a preventive approach, improving well-being and fostering resilience for all employees. We offer three core programmes that show your employees how to invest in their own development and how to slow down.

Employee wellness

Our Employee Wellness Programme (EWP) provides professional, confidential services that help employees deal with complex personal or work-related issues. These pre-emptive measures help improve (or maintain) employee well-being and provide around-the-clock support. With this programme, your workforce and their family have access to a comprehensive range of psychosocial counselling, financial well-being assistance, and telephonic legal services.

Employee Wellness Programme

  • Access to 24-Hour Counselling and Advisory Care Centre
  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Executive wellness

We offer pre-emptive medical care and comprehensive health services for Africa’s top executives in the form of pre-emptive medical care and a comprehensive medical experience for these individuals and their spouses, including access to world-class facilities and on-site pathology services.

World-class facilities

Our clinic provides a private, calming, non-intrusive space for executives to access. No two executives are booked in the same timeslot, and medical sessions are coordinated to optimise time efficiently.

On-site pathology services

We are the only medical suite in South Africa that features an on-site pathology laboratory that delivers results within 45 minutes.

Organisational resilience and team coaching

We facilitate a series of customised, confidential coaching sessions that provide a safe place to work with middle, senior, and executive-level managers to either mould them into high-functioning, effective teams or unlock their leadership potential.
We achieve this by offering three coaching approaches:

  • Team effectiveness coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Health coaching

Why coaching?

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed how we behave, think and work. It has put a strain on our relationships, impacted our leadership style, and blurred the work-home boundary, which has increased the likelihood of burnout. To mitigate this, we follow methodologies firmly grounded in neuroscience that guarantee the necessary shifts for individuals and teams to create agile and high-performing units, taking your business to the next level of efficiency and success.

Your partner in well-being and
health risk management

Faulty equipment and environmental exposure to toxic materials are only a few occupational healthcare risks.

As market-leading specialists in health risk management, this is where our expertise comes in. For over three decades, we have provided outcomes-based health and well-being services to organisations across various industries. From assessing your environment to prevention and treatment, we monitor your organisation’s progress, ensure compliance, and streamline your operations to achieve the highest efficiency and sustainability.

As a result, we make a meaningful and measurable difference to the businesses and communities we serve by aligning your organisation’s operational processes with legally required service delivery standards.

Our full range of integrated healthcare services:

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