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Primary healthcare

Accessing quality primary healthcare for your employees and other stakeholders has never been simpler.

We take your employees’ healthcare seriously, and so should you

We ensure that your workforce or stakeholders gets access to quality healthcare together with innovative technology that connects them with a network of medical professionals as and when they need it most. Although many conditions can be cared for virtually, some circumstances require in-person visits. If your employees or stakeholders need in-person care or to connect with a speciality provider, we see to it they get the care they need when they need it.

Your workforce has access to all our clinical expertise and resources as part of the Life Healthcare network.

Virtual primary healthcare

Our virtual primary care health solution maintains the best parts of the essential relationships formed in traditional care, but we extend this with state-of-the-art communications technology for convenient and personalised service. Connect your stakeholders with a virtual team of healthcare providers via our online healthcare platform or app for a more convenient way to take care of routine preventive check-ups, mild chronic conditions, and prescription renewals. Our providers can also refer patients to a speciality provider, or in-person care if needed.

Benefits of virtual primary care


Access care from anywhere in South Africa. All you need is video technology using your smartphone, tablet, or computer and a wi-fi connection.


Appointments are available both during and outside of regular clinic hours and on weekends.


Life Health Solutions caregivers and care standards ensure you and your employees get the best medical care.

Any notes from your visit will be entered into your medical record to help other providers that may be assisting in your care and can be accessed safely via our online platform and application.

Benefits of in-person primary healthcare


Our healthcare services are customised based on your stakeholders' needs and can be accessed via on-site clinics or by visiting our walk-in health centres across South Africa. Our mobile clinic service extends our reach further and ensures that dedicated medical care is always available.


Our well trained and experienced nursing team provides quality care along with passionate and kind support when conducting medical checks.

Hybrid approach: virtual and in-person healthcare

Integrating virtual and in-person care has increased the quality and value of our healthcare services. We provide a holistic suite of health services customised according to what your business and stakeholders need. They can be accessed via on-site clinics or by visiting our walk-in health centres across South Africa. Our hybrid health healthcare solution offers the best of both worlds, giving your employees the freedom to choose a solution that works for them.

Benefits of a hybrid approach

Convenience and efficiency

Stakeholders get a stress-free option between an in-person or virtual consultation, allowing equal access to healthcare regardless of where they are working.


Patients can engage comfortably in an environment of their choice.

Your partner in well-being and
health risk management

Faulty equipment and environmental exposure to toxic materials are only a few occupational healthcare risks.

As market-leading specialists in health risk management, this is where our expertise comes in. For over three decades, we have provided outcomes-based health and well-being services to organisations across various industries. From assessing your environment to prevention and treatment, we monitor your organisation’s progress, ensure compliance, and streamline your operations to achieve the highest efficiency and sustainability.

As a result, we make a meaningful and measurable difference to the businesses and communities we serve by aligning your organisation’s operational processes with legally required service delivery standards.

Our full range of integrated healthcare services:

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